Who is TheJMc?

Our Mission

Every creator has issues, some of which we’ve experienced here personally such as feeling burnt out, not having enough time in the day, low CTR / AVD, not knowing what your audience wants to watch and that’s not even scratching the surface. Our mission is to solve ALL of those problems and unlock Creators’ full potential on YouTube.

Oct 31, 2012

At 15 years old I was addicted to watching YouTubers making Call of Duty & Minecraft videos so I created my first YouTube channel to upload videos on Minecraft Xbox 360 using only an old laptop and basic capture card. The quality standard on youtube was no way near as high as it is right now so I could get away with quitely talking into the microphone so my family didn't hear me along with none HD videos, incredibly bland titles and thumbnails.

Sep 11, 2014

On this date I decided to create my 2nd YouTube channel now that I had a few years of basic YouTube experience to upload a variety of different games with slightly better editing, thumbnail making skills and slightly more confidence which shortly after rebranded from TheJamesMC to TheJMC.

Dec, 2014

Over 2 years of uploading YouTube videos for the first time gaining my first true experience of video editing, thumbnail making and idea planning all on my own I built up a following of close to 50,000 subscribers at the age of 1 on my first channel.

Nov 3rd, 2016

Fast forward another 2 years of uploading EVERYDAY and most days double uploading on my 2nd gaming channel, I had hit 50,000 subscribers and surpassed my original strictly minecraft channel.

Dec 27th, 2016

Under 2 months later I doubled my subscriber count by taking full advantage of what was currently working on my channel, repeating the formula that worked and giving the audience exactly what they want making it possible to finally hit 100,000 subscribers at the age of 19.

Dec, 2017

Going forward another year I started my first Creative Director role at Kwebbelkop. Over the 3 years working here I built up my video idea planning skills, learnt how to create engaging thumbnail concepts, what makes a video great to watch from start to finish and covered every type of content on YouTube from Gaming to Real Life Challenges to Reaction videos and helped achive a record breaking 150M+ views in 30 days.

Jan, 2021

At the start of 2021 I moved into helping multiple creators reach their goals with the creative skills I had built up over the past 3 years working with creators like KindlyKeyin achive 75M+ views within 30 days & LoverFella achive 60M+ views within 30 days.

What nOW

Goal: To help as many creators as possible no matter their channel size with the experience I have from my own channel and working with creators while maintaining quality across all clients and products.

How: I'll do that by limiting the amount of clients I have at one time and create products on TheJMC.uk at an affordable price to help you start or grow your YouTube channel.